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Just Brakes #39 at 3628 Altamesa Boulevard in Fort Worth, Texas

Just Brakes #39 in 3628 Altamesa Boulevard, Texas: consumer reviews, opening hours, driving directions, photos etc.

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3628 Altamesa Boulevard,
Fort Worth, Texas
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Phone: +1 817-292-8081

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Reviews about Just Brakes #39

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    Worse service ever, my cousin took her car there back in Sept for an oil change. Was told it would take 30 mins so she walked down the street to get something to eat instead of waiting. When she returned they stated her car was ready but nothing inside had been moved and there was not an new sticker on the windshield, she asked the tech was he sure it was ready to go and the if the oil change had been finished, he said yes. Well this morning while driving, her car stalled and it was towed to a near by mechanic shop. The engine was done for- because there was no oil in the car. No oil leaks nor previous issues about engine problems. When we contacted Just for breaks they stated they couldn't help because she was over the 3000 miles period and that we were on our own. After digging and contacting an attorney we found out that not only is 3000 miles just a recommendation and varies from car to car, but also that the tech who said he had done the oil change was fired recently for stealing from the company and also similar acts as for as charging customers for work that he did not do. Way to go Just for Breaks and good job with taking care of your customers.
    by Oscar Ross
    November 11, 2017
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    I had a really bad experience with just brakes. To anyone reading this, I would stay away. I got my first brake job done at a different location. Replaced front rotors and front and back brake pads, with the "ultra premium" package. Couple weeks later, I had extreme squeaking from my front brakes. Took it to this Altamesa location, they said the caliper sticked and wasn't covered under warranty, so I had to buy a new rotor, brake pad, and caliper. Couple weeks later I had squeaking again, brake pad on driver side was defective and was swapped out. Couple weeks later I had a brake pad FALL OFF! Took it back to the Altamesa location, turns out it was the rear brake pad. Rear brake pads were installed at a different location, so therefore they did not want to cover it under warranty. At this point I am just thankful that the incident didn't happen while driving down the highway. Luckily, it happened a couple miles from my home, my brakes completely went out. Furthermore, I asked how much it would cost to repair it. Now, I would like to add that I was asked to bring the truck in for them to take a look and see what precedes, and I did. When I got the call on the price to repair it, I couldn't believe it was $1,100+ to replace pads and rotors on the rear. I thought this was too much, so I called a different shop, and surely their price was half of what just brakes was asking. I call back and tell them not to touch it that I will be picking it up, and I am told that they can't let me take MY truck unless I take a tow truck, that it was "Company Policy". Seriously? Company policy should be not to do half assed brake jobs, brakes are not something to take lightly. Anyhow, at this point I feel like they are trying to put me over a barrel, and pay the ridiculous price to repair, which I think would of been around the same to have a tow truck transport my truck from this place to the shop I called. I get a call back from Just Brakes and they tell me they are sorry and don't want to lose my business and offer to do the repair work for $680, if I pay cash. I refuse and ask how in the world they were able to cut price in half and they said the computer automatically marks up parts and labor. I ended up picking up my truck and taking it to another shop. Whom found out that there was a loose bolt on front driver side brake pad, which is the one these guys worked on. I asked them about quality of pads and they assured me they were low quality. Guess their "Ultra Premium" isn't so ultra. In conclusion, unless you want your brakes to go out when you least expect it, or return every few weeks and lose a couple hours of your day doing repairs on your brakes, for services they mark up more than 50%, I would stay away from Just Brakes. Yeah, "lifetime warranty" sounds nice. But not worth it if you have to come back every month. But after all, I just think it's insane the way they treated me, as a customer, after they put my life and others in danger. After paying almost $1200 for their original front and back replacement, and the caliper deal. But, I'd also like to add that they were very nice and professional in the process of attempting to screw me over :-) STAY AWAY.
    by Gerardo Hernandez
    April 04, 2017
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Just Brakes #39 is located at 3628 Altamesa Boulevard, Fort Worth, Texas.